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239058:Dough Rounder 110v
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Dough Rounder 110v


 The main function of the dough blocker is to automatically and accurately divide the dough into pieces of a certain size according to its volume. The machine pushes the trays up and down through the workbench, so that the material is separated from the block cutters by the principle of benefit contact and separation to achieve equal parts. Each time the product is divided into 36 equal parts, the noise is low, the efficiency is high, and the segmentation is uniform. Each piece can weigh from 30 g to 180 g. This product is widely used in hotels, restaurants, canteens, food processing plants, bakeries and other places.


1. Stainless steel heavy-duty construction for your busy bakery.

2. 110V Hydraulic power.

3. Low-noise with simple working principals.

4. Divides into 36 equal portions every time - for 30-180g per piece.

5. Easy to move within your bakery with rotating casters.

6. Comes with round pan for easy in loading and unloading.

7. Convenient, safe and reliable.



Voltage : 110V

Power: 380KW

Material:Stainless steel


Packing:Wooden Case

More details:  

Item  included(239058):

1*Dough Rounder 110v

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