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190050:Digital Flow Fuel Delivery Gun
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Digital Flow Fuel Delivery Gun

Great simple re-fueling nozzle fitted with a in-line digital meter is designed for factories, coach yard, gas station and household use. Allows you to deliver fuel through a digital meter display. Supplied with an adaptor suitable for 1" BSPF ports. Easy to clean, install and maintain. For different country use, the meter comes with 4 unit options Liters (L) / Gallons (GAL) / Pints (PT) / Quarts (QT).

This flow meter has circle function ,when it mass this scale, it will start from the zero again. The battery inside can supply 9000hours operation approximately.

Two main Button: CALIBRATE from which you can choose the right measuring unit you need and display the total volume and DISPLAY from which you can change the PER TIME volume to be zero.

Color of guns will be shipped at random, red, black, long-term supply.

Pick-up Location: Warehouse & Showroom 9917 Gidley Street, Unit B El Monte, CA 91731 United States

* Before pickup, please call us to make sure. Business Hours Monday - Friday    8:00am--5:00pm Tel: 626 – 415 6138

Note: If you are International customer out of Canada or USA, please contact  with us for consulting the detailed shipping information.




Specifications :

Maximum Display:

9999.9 liters
Port: 1" BSPF
Housing: Aluminum & Plastic
Nozzle size: 1'' 
Operating Flowing range : 15-75L/min
Accuracy (% of Reading): ± 0.5%
Maximum working pressure : 0.25Mpa
Minimum working pressure : 0.1Mpa
Operating Temperature Range:  -10°C to 60°C
Powered by: 2 x AAA batteries. Approx Life 9000hrs




1. Portable lightweight and durable
2. Economic environmental protection use.
3. High sensitive dispay
4.The nozzle is punch-formed at one time.
5.Simple operation, long service life, brand new, comfortable to use


Suitable for Fuel ,Gasoline, Kerosene Diesel ,Petrol and so on.
Reset to “0”
Press “DISPLAY” for 1 second reset to zero.

Cumulative Total
Press “CALIBRATE” indicating the cumulative total fueling. When the cumulative total reaches a maximum reading 999,999, it will automatically reset to zero.

Calibrate adjusting
Press“CALIBRATE” and hold for 3 seconds, press “DISPLAY” or “CALIBRATE” for adjusting. For example, when the meter shows 103L while the liquid comes 100L put the figure 103/100=1.0300. And the computer display is programmed to turn back to stand-by situation after 5 seconds.

Units Switch
Press“ CALIBRATE” and hold for 3 seconds, press “DISPLAY” for 5 times and then press“ CALIBRATE” for units switch among Liters (L) / Gallons (GAL) / Pints (PT) / Quarts (QT). . And the computer display is programmed to turn back to stand-by situation after 5 seconds.
The meter is virtually maintenance-free. However, it is important to make sure that the rotor moves freely. Keep the display clean and free of contaminants. If the rotor does not turn freely, apply a penetrating lubricant on the rotor, shaft, and bearings. Remove any debris or deposits from the rotor by using a soft brush or small probe. Be careful not to damage the turbine rotor or supports. Replace batteries when “L Bat” comes. For the most accurate display, make sure there is no air in the system before using and meet the gun’s minimum flow rate requirements.
Item included(190050):

1*Digital Flow Fuel Delivery Gun


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