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170641:Dough Roller Sheeter 220V

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Dough Roller Sheeter


Model: RMZD-350       
The width of dough board: 13'' (33cm)

Thickness of dough: 0.5 - 2 cm
Voltage: 220v            
Power: 3000w
Size: 41*23*41'' (105*59*104cm)   
Weight:363lbs (165kg)


1, Put the machine on the ground, the iron wheels must contact the ground acted as a conductor.

2, Clean the anti-rust oil on the rotational shaft with cloth, and knead several times with dough.

3, Adjust the space between the two rotational shaft by turning the handwheel.

4, Put the dough on the below conveyor belt first.

Malfunction analysis:

1, If the dough do not enter the rotational shaft, that is because the dough is too thick, you need to let the dough become thin.

2, If the dough stick on the rotational shaft, that is because the dough is too sticky or soft, you need to put more flour.

3, If the position of the rotational shaft is offset, that is because the screw is loose, you need to tighten the screws ( at the side of the wrong rotational shaft)

4, If the speed slow down, that is because the belt is too loose, you need to adjust or change it.


Item included(170641):

1* Dough roller sheeter





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