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160219:Portable UV Sterilizer Cabinet 110V
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Portable UV Sterilizer Cabinet 110V


This product uses the microcomputer automatic control device, just need to press button, UV of cabinet will start automatically and stop when door open.


UV cabinet, is to use ultraviolet light to kill bacterium including body, spores, mycobacteria, coronavirus, fungi, Rickettsia Chlamydia or objests' surface, water and air what have been polluted by these bacterium.



☆?Complete sterilization : Using organic combination of multiple disinfection methods (Ozone, ultraviolet light, heat, far infrared) to sterilize. The sterilization can over 99.99%.

☆?The low temperature disinfection method is suitable for plastic and glass which can not resist high temperature.

☆?Design ozone decomposition process to decompose residual of ozone , then to reduce damage to human and environment.

☆ High quality stainless steel shelves, carrying capacity.

☆ Strengthen outside guideway design, avoid secondary pollution caused by rails rusty and lubricants thermal decomposition.


Voltage Packing Dimension Product Dimension Weight
110V/50Hz 16.1*11.4*11"/41*29*28cm 14.6*8.7*9.5"/37*22*24cm 2.4lbs/6kg



1. Please use the socket leak-proof electrical device.

2. Prohibit using it in the bathroom or other damp places.


Item# Description QTY Unit Note
160219 Portable UV Sterilizer Cabinet 110V 1 Set  

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