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153144:110V Dumpling Skin Maker Machine

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110V Dumpling Skin Maker Machine

Product Features


The machine adopts 304 stainless steel, which has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, safety and practicality, no corner waste, single molding, medium thickness and thin edge. The production of dumpling skin is uniform in appearance, taste and weight.
1. Automatic feeding and automatic molding, leather, webbing thin.
2. The feeding is uniform, the panel is neatly, and the labor is saved.



The advantages of work


1. Dumpling skin machine conveyor surface and molding parts are made of special adhesive material.
2. The dumpling skin machine adopts the principle of double control and two-way synchronous feeding. It is unnecessary to make the dough in production. It is only necessary to put dough into the entrance of the designated dumpling skin machine, and the dumpling machine can be produced automatically.
3. The output is high.


 The main structure and process flow

The handmade handmade dumpling skin machine is made of two groups of roller continuous roll pressing and first forming principle. It has motor, reducer, transmission, two groups of feed roller, a combination of rolling roll and a group of forming rollers.
The machine adopts chain and chain wheel transmission, and the transmission part is gearbox structure, which is durable and reduces labor intensity of operators.


1. Fasten each part, the installation square is stable.
2. It can't extend the hand to the hopper.
3. The hard sundries in the flour must be removed.
4. Oil can not replace edible oil.
5. The side machine rotates clockwise to stop the reverse.




Item Include(153144)
  • A set of 110V Dumpling Skin Maker Machine



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