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151023:110v Dental Handpiece Sealing Machine
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Dental Handpiece Sealing Machine

The sealilng device is made for seal sterilization package.It offers the folling benefits:steady capacity,simple operation,safe operation,lower maintenance rate,and pleasant appearance.It’s very well accept in all hospitals and clinics.Key poduct attributes are:when the pressure is changed,the machine can adjust to best seal temperature.It is constructed of a stainless steel housing,which prevenst corrosion,and is easy to clean.It has two-side cutters for a high quality cut.
Saeling Temperature
The machine has a precision temperature adjustment control system.You can adjust the temperature by turning the temperature adjustable knob.When use asepsis package (one side is nynon,another side is paper)temperature knob should be adjusted to 1/3 of sign.Turn eddy knob anticlockwise the temperature will decrease, Turn eddy knob clockwise the temperature will increased.
When the seal quality can reach the requirement .you can seal crystal material with high auqlity.The paper side should face to seal side .It can not seal pipe postural foil materrial,because this material ,because this material will easily adhere to sealing pole.

Technology parameter
Voltage 110v
Width of sealing 250mm max (9.84”)
Width of pressure bar 10mm(0.4”)


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