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141059:20-200μl Single Channel Manual Adjustable TopPette Pipettor
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20-200μl Single Channel Manual Adjustable TopPette Pipettor
It is suitable for the sampling and sample preparation of blood and other samples in medical, chemical, teaching, scientific research and other departments. The whole use of ABS high strength medical plastic is made of solid and durable.

1. digital Windows, set range be clear at a glance. portable nozzle ejector.

3. detachable nozzle even parts, high performance of chemical

corrosionresistance, high temperature and high pressure disinfection.

4.quality reliable, affordable, many scientific research institutions,

 laboratories, universities buying used.




1.Human Engineering

Human engineering design, let your hand to keep a relaxed, comfortable feel.


2.Low spring operating force

Lightweight and low resistance seal, more easily operated, less than 25% of

 similar products of the piston.

3.Nozzle ejector

Nozzle ejector removable, easy to clean and maintain

4.Telescopic elastic suction nozzle

The elastic telescopic nozzle, prevent and pipetting head

is installed to ensure air tightness and uniformity.

5.Four digit volume display

Reasonable position, easy reading, intuitive, clear

6.Accessories included

Multi purpose wrench*1

Portable Pendant*1

Head cap*3

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141059 20-200μl Single Channel Manual Adjustable TopPette Pipettor
1 pc  

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