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141047:New 1.85Gallon Brake Fluid Replacement Tool Brake Fluid Bleeder Hand Held Vacuum
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Brake fluid replacement tool(Capicity 1.75Gallon)

  Brake fluid replacement tool(Capicity 1.85Gallon), environmental protection, light, fast and energy saving. Is a family car to change their own oil, brake oil, antifreeze and other special tools. The engine oil dipstick out, then pumping the tube from the insert, must be inserted in the end. Start pumping oil will enter the pumping unit. Is a good helper to drive a private car.




1. The engine be in the off state. Open the front cover, pull out the oil feet.

2. Adjust the clip on pipe, Insert the pipe and make sure the pipe touch the bottom.

4. Close the pumping oil drain valve.

5. Pressure dynamic vacuum suction handle 4 to 6 times, can take out all the waste oil.

6. Visual analysis of waste oil, record the extraction of oil.

7. The cost of oil discharge to the waste oil concentration inside the plant.

8. After pumping for 10-20cars, clean it with disel.




Attention please

Don't use gasoline in this operation

To be on the safe side, do not use this tool to extract or save the dangerous chemicals, poisons, corrosive liquid, alkaline liquid and solvent don't use this tool to extract, absorb or save oil or other flammable liquids unfair processing tools such as don't throw away, throw away do not in any purpose for dismounting tool, modified, or transform, is limited to this functionality don't put the products and pipe in high temperature, snow and rain, direct sunlight place tools such as light fluid left after each use must row, clean.

Item Included(141047)
1 Set Of Brake Fluid Replacement Tool(Capicity 1.75Gallon) 




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