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122004:Commercial Orange Juice Extractor Plastic Basket (110V)
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Commercial Orange Juice Extractor 110V
Stainless auto  orange juicer is designed to provide on-site processing of fresh orange  juice in place like hotel, restaurant, commercial centers, and  recreational shops etc. The machines automatically combines conveys,  splits, and squeezes oranges in one process, and it is easy to be  handled. It has the advantage of high efficiency and gives a high yield,  In addition, it meets hygiene and safety requirements.

Operation Steps
  • Place the machine on the table after it is taken out of the box;  Make sure that no parts is missing on the box.
  • Connect power plug to a power/socket, and turn on the power switch,  run the machine without load.
    This is to check that machine run normally and does not make any  strange noise.
  • Then, check whether the waste bins and tray are place in the correct  positions, Then turn off the machine.
  • Put the cup on the tray to get juice.
  • Put pre-washed oranges into the top basket before squeezing.
  • Turn on the switch, and let the machine run without load for a  while. Then put oranges into feed rail,
    and oranges will roll into concave roller, and cut into two half by  knife assembly, and squeezed by convexroller.
  • Juice flowing down the cup.
  • To  stop squeezing, turn off the power switch.
Brand ASC365
Power 120W   110V/60Hz

Contact us for 220V

Size of Orange 2.34"-3.12"(60-80mm) in diameter
Efficiency 20-22 oranges per minute
Gross Weight 115lb (52kg)
Warranty 1 year

Never turn off power while orange squeezing is in process.

Item  Included:

One set of  Commercial Orange Juice Extractor Plastic Basket (110V)    (122004)


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