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022229:Hand-operated Donut Machine(110V,3KW)
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Hand-operated Donut Machine


1. Energy saving, the material hopper is driven by manual;

2. Durable, the whole body of it is made of stainless steel and a little alumimum;

3. Safe enough,if the temperature of oil in the oil slot goes too high,it can be automatically shut off;

4. Easy to operate, a new operator will become skilled in minutes;

5. Convenient, the temperature of oil can be adjustable by the temperature controller;

6. High efficient, it produces 25 pcs in about 5 minutes;

7. Muli shape of donuts,3 different moulds we provide for you;

8. Voltage can be modified to meet your local standards.

Operating Instructions

1. Unpack the machine, and choose the mold you need. Then install the machine. (Do place machine in horizontal position.)

2. Connect power. Make sure that the power requirements of the machine do match the power source as specified on the data plate. But DO NOT turn on the heating switch when you want to change the mold.

3. Have all the material needed to make donut.

4. Pull oil into fryer tank, and oil must over the heating pipe.

 Voltage AC110V/60Hz
Power 3KW
Capacity 25 pieces/tank
Dount's Shape 3 kinds
Material Stainless Steel
Productivity 300 pieces/h
Machine Size 105*68*78 cm(42*27*32")
Package Weight 90 lb
Package Size 100*74*37 cm(40*30*15")

Cleaning and Storing
1. Do cut off the appliance's power supply and wait it cooling down before cleaning.

2. Have oil out of the oil tank, vie the oil valve.

3. Take off the control head and hopper if needed.

4. Rotate the heating pipe to backside. Then machine can be clean easily. DO NOT use strong alkail cleaners such as lye, soda ash, or trisodium phospnate, these will discolor or even corrode the equipment. Wipe the appliance with soft cloth. Never with abrasive products.

5. Dry each part of the machine when it is not used. And place the machine in dry condition.

Item Include(022229)
  • A set of hand-operated donut machine


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